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PMA Approach

Attitude, Enthusiasm, and Teamwork equals PMA.  For over 30 years the PMA family has embraced a simple yet powerful cornerstone – attitude makes all the difference!  We call it a “Point of Discovery” – setting us apart from the competition with a passion for excellence, innovation, and the ability to make things happen.

In the development industry where there are many real estate brokerage and marketing service companies to choose from, what distinguishes PMA is the distinct character of the individual members of the team.  We recognize that although we are in the real estate business, we are really in the people business and when you’re in the people business, you’re in the emotion business.

The acronym PMA stands for “Positive Mental Attitude”.  This enthusiastic corporate philosophy is embodied in the Group’s corporate culture and has earned PMA a strong presence in the vibrant building and development industry.

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